Wedding Traditions in Turkey

Turkey has some incredibly exclusive and fascinating marriage ceremony traditions. These can become difficult to get head about at the start but once you start to know the cultural relevance of them likely to manage to enjoy every second!

Henna Night time

The henna night time, or og indien gecesi in Turkish, is an intimate marriage ceremony that occurs at the bride’s residence. This is a very relationship with japanese woman personal affair, and the woman will usually dress in a reddish veil to mark her wonderful night.


The ceyiz is known as a traditional dowry that involves quilts, bedding comforters, clothing and homeware. They have put together by bride’s mother and is synonymous with her absolutely adore and support for the future wife.

Engagement Rings

Although European women can not exchange all their bands during the marriage itself, they certainly exchange all of them during the involvement ceremony. This is done by an elder family member tying two ends of the couple’s rings to their last fingers on the right hands.

Espresso with Salt

One of the most common customs of marriage in Turkey is definitely drinking a cup of coffee. The groom’s coffee is made from a lot of salt, which will symbolizes the bridegroom’s commitment to his future partner.

Foot Video game

The foot game is normally an amusing tradition that happens after the few signs their marriage certificate. The few will then tussle hard to step on each other’s ft!

The most important thing to recollect about European weddings is the fact they’re a really big deal. The process of tying the knot can last for days at a time, and undoubtedly a good number of fun customs and practices to take in.

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