Awareness campaign to detect early signs of drug addiction launched in Mohali

If someone known to you exhibits perpetual signs of impaired coordination, has bloodshot eyes, enlarged or smaller than usual pupils, manifests unusual hyperactivity or unpredictable anger outbursts, these could possibly be early signs of drug addiction, said Asst Media Advisor Punjab and Chairman Joshi Foundation Vineet Joshi while addressing a well attended Mohalla level Nukkad meeting organized by Joshi Foundation in collaboration with Punjabi Virsa Sabhayacharak Society here late last evening.

Identification of many of such symptoms at the right time could ensure timely intervention to help a friend or a family member fight his way out of the dungeons of this spiraling menace, added Joshi.

With this in mind, Joshi Foundation- NGO spearheading a vivacious campaign against drug abuse in Punjab and elsewhere, distributed awareness folders to educate the masses about these early signs of drug addiction at a well attended Mohalla level Nukkad meeting.

Since July 2015, we are distributing 1 lakh such folders each month in Punjab for greater reach and optimized results, detailed Joshi.  “This is a part of a positive campaign that is focusing on solutions of this vexed problem without accusing anyone. A stitch in time saves nine,” added Joshi.

The drug abusers often try to conceal their symptoms and downplay their problem which is what often escalated the problem. “This tendency is likely to be addressed with this initiative. The folders talks about changes in appetite or sleep patterns, sudden weight loss or weight gain, unusual smells on breath, body or clothing, slurred speech, demand for more privacy which could be some significant indications that could assist in helping a victim of drug abuse,” Joshi said.


* Drop in attendance, performance at work or school.

* Unexplained need for money, financial problems.

* Secretive,suspicious behaviors.

* Sudden change favorite hangouts, friends.

* Frequent acts of fights, accidents, unwarranted activities.

* Mood swings, irritability, or angry outbursts.

* Unusual hyperactivity, agitation, or giddiness.

* Lack of motivation, lethargy, depression.

* Fearfulness, anxiety or paranoid sans reason.

* Bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils; use of eye drops to mask these signs.

* Missing money, valuables, or prescriptions.

* Demand for increased privacy.

* Locking inside doors; avoiding eye contact.

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