Daily excerise, Three time food & Disciplined life helps youth stay away from Drugs, Says  Joshi

Daily excerise, Three time food, Discipline & constant perusal of target helps youth to stay away from Drugs said Vineet Joshi, Chairman  Joshi Foundation & Assistant Media Advisor to Govt of Punjab while addressing the students of Govt Senior Secondary School, Kathera, in Nangal as part of Joshi Foundation’s Anti Drug Campaign.

Vineet Joshi along with Union Minister Vijay Sampla & National Vice President BJP & MP Avinash Rai Khanna has been working on spreading awareness against drugs in the youngsters, today advised the young blood to adopt a sport and set an aim that would enable them to live life free from drugs. He called upon the parents of youngsters to realize the potential of their children when their children in primary classes and help them develop it. “Once you sweat it out in the open and focus on a goal, you would never have that urge to try drugs, which usually draws the youngsters towards this fatal habit of drug addiction,” he said.

Joshi flanked by  Principal  Parvinder Dua, State President Aarogya Bharti Dr Ishwar Chand Sardana, Director Kheti Virasat Sr Surinder Singh & Distt Tourism Officer Sardar Devinder Singh detailed students about the bad effects of drugs on the body to create awareness on drug addiction and its horrific results. Joshi called upon the students to chart out a routine and stick to it religiously. “Every young mind needs proper food thrice a day, exercises and plenty of good ideas to ponder on. You should tailor your routine to fit around these principles that will ensure your victory forever in life,” he motivated the students.

Joshi also called upon the children to socially boycott their relatives who come home drunk or who even drink on different occasions. He said that the young generation alone can save society from being further pushed into the abyss of drug addiction.

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